Take Center Stage and Win Bigger Budgets

As documentation managers we are often focused, even measured, on creating accurate content on time. But in fact, your team has a significant impact on customer experience, on the quality of the product delivered, and ultimately on the company’s bottom line. But seeing that impact requires a shift in your approach to tech docs. It must start and end with the customer. In this session we will explore the paradigm shifts which can help build your doc teams into a central part of your organization, taking center stage and easily securing budgets to delivers visibility and results to senior management.

Meet the Presenter

Lawrence Orin is Zoomin’s Product Evangelist and Customer Implementation Expert, offering customers a deeper understanding of content strategy, and helping with their implementation with his experience as a customer of Zoomin in his previous positions. Prior to that, he was Documentation Manager at Riverbed, where he used Zoomin’s help portal to publish modern help content for customers of SteelCentral Aternity, searching in any Aternity publication, in any version, and featuring innovations like fail-safe context sensitive help, glossary popups and much more. Prior to that, Lawrence led the documentation team in Radvision, where he pioneered blending marketing content into technical writing to create more sales-driven documentation. He has also led teams in technical support, customer services, and has worked as a programmer and graphic designer. He holds a BSc. in Computer Science with Cognitive Science from University College London (UCL).

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