Entry #5

Company Name: Atlas Copco
Name of Submitter: Agneta Weisberg
Email Address: agneta.weisberg@se.atlascopco.com

1. Efficiency:

From the start we created a vision for Atlas Copco. An illustration to visualize the global change that needed to be achieved in order to lower costs, in crease productivity.

The global background was many different authoring tools and several old CMS, plus technical writers that did´t have the proper skills.

The change included new CMS, new Authoring tools and authoring assistance. New writing structure (DITA/SCHEMA) and terminology management plus Translation memory. Also we introduced a new PLM with a plug-in to create dynamic xml Parts books.

The projects are closed and now the migration of legacy data is ongoing. All manuals are re-written in fragmented topics before released for delivery.

Some of the work has been in-sourced to our engineering company in India for even more benefits.

2. Customer Focus:

Early in the project we did a very through customer survey. We simply asked the users their opinion! A lot of critical voices where risen in this survey. Instead of publishing the very long and technical report, we chose the make a short video to present the outcome of the survey.

The message was:

-Yes we heard you!

-We wanted to know what was wrong!

-How we are going to take your needs into consideration when we create a new technical informations environment!

The users where there all along the process of the new system introduction. We good a lot of good feed back.

3. Transferability:

We transferred the processes to all of our production companies globally. Every co-worker in the MRS TIS (Mining and Rock Excavation Service – Technical Information Services) organization works in the same system, collaborating on the topics to be reused not rewritten!

We have appointed a global AMB (Application Manager Business) who is in charge globally for the TIS applications.

Atlas Copco Business Area IT (Industrail Technique) have also implemented the same process with some minor changes to better fit their products.

Atlas Copco CRS (Construction Equipment Services) have said that they will implement the same process and now Atlas Copco CT (Compressor Technique) have requested to follow our lead. This means that all BA in Atlas Copco have accepted and are interested to use the same process.

4. Innovation:

There are different ways that we can measure benefits and savings.

The production environment for the writers reduces time and saves none on rewriting, finding information and translation. The customer/user will benefit in quality and consistency.

The innovation is the Publication and Collaboration platform.

The DocMIne Publication Platform is able to tie together the process.

1. Delivery of documentation will have much faster time to market when it is published online.

2. It will be more correct because changes can be made after the machine is delivered but before it´s commissioned and instantly published on the web.

3. Customer service have reduced no of calls. The customer can find instructions and parts online.

4. Parts sales will increase as the customer/tech service can find the parts easily and order them as the DocMIne is integrated with the ShopOnline.

5. Transformational Value:

During the creation of the new DocMine environment we have made 3 information videos.

  1. Customer survey results
  2. The DocMIne project
  3. The DocMine Publication platform

In these videos there are several testimonials from users of the systems, Atlas Copco managers, Customer Centers and Customers.

They all talk about the value added with this change.

6. Leadership:

The organisation at Atlas Copco MRS -TIS had to change completely. Not only in Sweden 3 sites but also in China, Japan, Texas, India, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Being the Global Manager, I had the responsibility to:

  1. Convince Management to provide the funds for investing in the new systems.
  2. Hire and fire people to better fit the new requirements.
  3. Work with the Doc Managers at each site to create new processes.
  4. Hire a team in India to support.
  5. Find resources and start up the projects.
  6. Market the changes to users globally.

The success of this project is entirely due to:

Great support from Management

Great local Doc Managers

Fantastic support from the great teams- who are not afraid of change!

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